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Travelling And Its Perks

According to Newton to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction and traveling and its effects follow the same rule. Traveling is something that comes with many perks and sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad but after all, it is a great experience.


Traveling is great when it comes to enthusiasm and positive energy but like everything it has its own soul and after-effect, whatever it is, it is the travelers or the tourists who have to deal with those phenomena. Sometimes traveling can be a mind-opening and very expressive and carry wisdom, with traveling inception to a new phase of life comes with that and gives the vision to see world differently. Being a traveler is a great thing as it gives a new meaning to life and gives a new dimension to one’s persona.

A journey to any foreign land all by itself is a whole new experience that has its own perks. Commuting not only enables any tourists with kind of zeal and zest that that is unknown to many of them because traveling makes any person very much comfortable in their own skin and it also helps in communicating with complete strangers which is like a life learning process. But then again, traveling has its own soul and life as it has different things to offer to different kinds of tourists. On the basis of the traveling reason, tourists can be of two natures one that loves getting around the map and the second one with some compulsive reasons.

People travel for many purposes and there are different catalysts which drive any person to have a trip and mostly it is the enthusiasm and gusto to travel and watch diversity lies on the face of Mother Earth since ages, the beauty, the charisma and charm of various places, the rich heritage, culture, custom and long and inherited legacy and urban myths of one’s country is like a feast to any travelers towards which they got attracted to just like the moth who got attracted to the fire. And there are people who have itchy feet who loves to live life on off the beaten track choose to lead a life of a traveller and that is why traveling from place to place is like a compulsion or urge to travel more and experience more of everything.


Regards: Helen T Cue

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